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Confirmed Fixes

The Right Fix, Right Now

Over 3,500,000 technicians submitted, verified and confirmed fixes searchable by vehicle, symptom, or OBD II code to get you right to the fix you need.


Repairs from Technicians for Technicians

Over 300,000 service professionals use Direct-Hit’s confirmed fixes on a daily basis because it lets them instantly hone in on what’s broken on a vehicle and how to fix it. Instead of working through flow charts, or time-consuming tests, you run a search in Direct-Hit for the vehicle, the issue, and its codes and Direct-Hit provides the fix and the information needed to complete the repair.

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Because Direct-Hit can bring you right to the fix you need, you’ll drastically cut down the time you spend on diagnostics and testing.

Have Confidence In Your Repair

All of Direct-Hit’s fixes are all verified by a team of Master Techs and confirmed by technicians in shops across North America.

Repair with Confidence

In a comparison between industry-leading sources of repair information, only Direct-Hit helped professional techs reach the right repair on the first try on every vehicle tested.

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"I would like to thank Identifix for adding the new OEM sections to the web site. Right away I noticed how much more information was available. The component locator was always nice but now way better with actual factory pics. The tear down and removal procedures are much needed as cars change and I can hardly keep up with them. Wiring diagrams are also nicer and more complete. I’m still finding new portions to the site that I haven’t used before. European information is always at a premium so I hope to see more from that too. Keep up the good work!"
Keith Noel, Noel Automotive
West Branch, Iowa