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Bundle Identifix Products

Maximize value and efficiency by bundling Identifix products together.

Combining products saves money, time, and effort while ensuring compatibility and receiving additional value-added benefits. This not only saves time but also reduces the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and contracts. Identifix products are designed to complement and work together. Get an Identifix advantage by bundling our products together!

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Diagnostic & Repair

Direct-Hit Professional, Direct-Hit Pro Academy, iTAN, Direct-Help

Shop Management

Identifix Shop Manager

Technicians Training

Direct-Hit Pro Academy, AutoData Training

Digital Marketing

Direct-Market, Direct-Target

All Solutions

Shop Management

Unlock Your Shop’s Full Potential

Simplifies shop management for businesses large and small to help them run more efficiently and profitably.


Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Save Money On Credit Card Transactions Credit Card processing service designed to help shops easily accept payments while saving more money on transactions.


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Direct-Hit® DIY

Direct-Hit ® DIY is specifically designed for personal vehicle owners or hobbyists. It gives you access to professional repair information for 1 vehicle. Specify your make and model and buy now.