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Automotive Repair Shops

Faster Repairs, Happier Customers

Solutions to help your techs repair more vehicles faster, and to help you run your shop more efficiently.

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Peak Performance

Better Repair Information, Simplified Shop Management

Identifix helps your repair shop run at peak performance with tools for both technicians and managers. Give your technicians the confidence to take on any task with the industry’s largest source of repair information and unlimited access to a team of L1 Master Techs ready to provide help with any issue on any vehicle. Give your front office tools to make it easier to manage customer appointments, estimating, invoicing, and record keeping.

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Faster, More Accurate Repairs

Direct-Hit gives your techs access to over 3,500,000 technician submitted, verified, and confirmed repairs that help get right to the fix they need.

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Consultations from Certified Experts

Direct-Help provides a team of L1 Master Techs that your staff can call on at any time for repair advice on any vehicle in the shop.


More Repeat Business

Pull up Factory Scheduled Maintenance programs for any vehicle in Direct-Hit in less than a minute to upsell and schedule your customer on the spot for manufacturer-recommended service.

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Simplified Shop Management

Powerful tools that make customer management, estimating, invoicing, and reporting simple.


For Repair Shops

Increased Accuracy, Increased Satisfaction

Identifix offers a full suite of solutions to help your business repair more vehicles faster, increase repeat business, and run a more efficient shop.

What our customers are saying

“Identifix has been a great time saver for my techs and has allowed us to repair vehicles that we would have otherwise turned away. The new OEM information is easy to find and now makes it possible for us to complete even more repairs. I recommend this tool to any shop owner.”

Glenn Mitchell, Sav-Mor Auto Clinic Orem, Utah

Improve Services & Customer Experiences

Direct-Hit® Pro

Find the fix you need, right now

Identifix Direct-Hit® Pro provides auto repair information to technicians in the automotive service, maintenance, and repair industries. Auto repair shops that use Direct-Hit® Pro repair more vehicles faster, helping them become more profitable by getting more jobs done right the first time.

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Identifix Shop Manager

Better technology creates better customer experiences

Identifix Shop Manager (ISM) auto repair shop software is a cloud-based system designed to simplify auto shop management. ISM empowers auto repair shops to be able to quickly generate repair orders, management jobs and review inventory, helping them run more efficiency and profitably. Shop’s can easily generate profitable repair orders that provide helpful detail to customers.



Get Help on that Vehicle Right Now

Direct-Help is a team of L1 Master Techs that provide live technical assistance on your toughest vehicles. We have a specialist for every manufacturer, so no matter what you’re working on you’ll be connected with an expert for that vehicle.

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Direct-Hit® DIY

Direct-Hit ® DIY is specifically designed for personal vehicle owners or hobbyists. It gives you access to professional repair information for 1 vehicle. Specify your make and model and buy now.