Factory Scheduled Maintenance plans

Factory Scheduled Maintenance plans in Direct-Hit provide everything you need to educate your customers on the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance to keep them safe on the road while generating additional revenue for your shop.

You can provide manufacturer recommendations in under a minute, and it’s all in plain-talk language your customers can understand and trust. We also have maintenance reminder reset procedures!

How to Sell Routine Maintenance – Your Three Areas of Opportunity

  • Sell Mileage-Based Maintenance

    Show your customers manufacturer-recommended maintenance based on their vehicle’s current mileage, or a combination of dashboard and time/distance schedules. You can also update the plan automatically by selecting customer-specific options, such as dusty or severe driving conditions.

  • Sell Catch-Up Maintenance

    Factory Scheduled Maintenance plans provide an additional opportunity to offer “catch-up” maintenance by listing major service items that should have been performed previously. These recommendations also come straight from the manufacturer so your customer can trust them.

  • Sell Next Scheduled Maintenance

    Every service visit represents an opportunity to follow up and schedule your customer’s next appointment. Once they see how routine maintenance improves their gas mileage and prevents bigger ticket repairs, you’ll have a customer for life!