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Common Kia Issue: Engine Overheating

Make: Kia | Model example: 2010 Sedona | Avg Mileage: 121793 | Job Number: 441479

Repair Issue:

Engine Overheating


Faulty fan circuit stopping fan from cooling engine

Customer Concern:

The engine overheated and a P0480 code set. This code is for a problem in the fan circuit.


  1. The Cooling Fan Controller is mounted on the radiator fan shroud. The 1 pin connector that contains the Black wire should have 12 volts with ignition switch on from the cooling fan relay. If it doesn’t check the ECU #2 fuse that supples voltage to control the cooling fan relay coil.
  2. In the 3 pin connection to the cooling fan controller the 2 Black wires are ground.
  3. The Blue/Orange (L/Or) wire is a duty cycle that controls the fan speed. Check this with a lab scope if there is a 12 volt square wave and the fans are not running the cooling fan controller could be bad. Power and ground the fan motors. There are connections that go to the fan motors that don’t have wiring colors in the wiring diagram; the fans could be powered and grounded here and that portion of the circuit checked.

Tech Tip:

Some scan tools will be able to command the fans on and check the fan circuits.

Important Take-A-Way:

To help save time diagnosing the issue, the Tech Tip suggests using a scanner to test the fan circuit first.

Most Popular Fix:

Replaced Cooling Fan /Fan Control Module Assembly – Repaired/Replaced Cooling Fan Control Module Connector

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Also applies to the following Makes and Models

2007 Sedona 3.8, 2008 Sedona 3.8

Author: Todd Erickson

Todd started his automotive career in 1984. He has progressed from a technician at a Tune-up Specialty shop, to a Cadillac journeyman, to a Sr. Master Subaru technician. Along the way he has acquired his ASE Master, L1, Alternative Fuels and Medium/Heavy Truck Technician certifications. He is also an ASA AMI Accredited Automotive Manager, performs technical training and writes articles for automotive trade magazines. Todd is also the founding member of, a Subaru based enthusiast club with over 500 members.

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