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Identifix Shop Manager simplifies shop management for auto repair shops large and small to help them run more efficiency and profitably.

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Auto Repair Shop Management

Streamlined, simplified, and more profitable


Identifix Shop Manager (ISM) auto repair shop software is a cloud-based system designed to simplify auto shop management. ISM empowers auto repair shops to be able to quickly generate repair orders, management jobs and review inventory, helping them run more efficiency and profitably. Shop’s can easily generate profitable repair orders that provide helpful detail to customers.

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Grow Sales

Parts Optimizer
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Functionality

Improve Efficiency

Digital Inspections
Shop Capacity
Digital Workflow
Employee Management

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Customer Satisfaction

Digital Messaging
Customized Repair Orders
Remote Payment Options

Advanced Functionality

Advanced Functionality

Service History
Past Recommendations
QuickBooks® Integration
Direct-Hit® Pro Integration

Identifix Shop Manager

Better technology creates better customer experiences


Boost your customer’s satisfaction by improving how they interact with your business. Identifix Shop Manager software provides auto repair shops with a best-in-class auto shop management solution designed to improve your customer’s interactions with your shop. By using digital technologies, customers are easily able to get repair order information and payment options.

Auto Repair Shop Data

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly


You company information is everything. Identifix makes it easy and safe to change systems without losing any data. A dedicated Team assists you all the way throughout the process to ensure no data is lost, your team is trained and prepared, and your new processes are customized and ready to go!

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Direct-Hit® DIY

Direct-Hit ® DIY is specifically designed for personal vehicle owners or hobbyists. It gives you access to professional repair information for 1 vehicle. Specify your make and model and buy now.