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Get Factory Auto Service Manuals for Every OEM

Direct-Hit® Professional has the largest collection of OEM auto repair information and gives you access to factory service manuals for over 98% of vehicles. 


Looking for Instant Access?

Access fixes and procedures that have been compiled by ASE certified L1 master techs and confirmed in shops just like yours.

Extensive OE Vehicle Coverage

Direct-Hit has OE service information and factory repair manuals for over 98% of U.S vehicles. You’ll be ready for any vehicle in your shop and be able finish the job with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Service Manuals for Vintage Vehicles

For when something vintage rolls in, Direct-Hit® Pro has Chilton service manuals with repair data that goes back to 1960. So whether you are servicing an new or old vehicle, Direct-Hit® Pro will have you covered.

All the Service & Repair Information You’ll Need

All OE service manuals in Direct-Hit® Pro are direct for the manufacturer and contain all of their original info including repair/replace procedures, specs & capacities, wiring diagrams, TSBs, DTCs and more.

Get the most comprehensive collection of OE and vintage auto service manuals with Direct-Hit® Pro.

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7 Day Trial

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I would like to thank Identifix for adding the new OEM sections to the web site. Right away I noticed how much more information was available. The component locator was always nice but now way better with actual factory pics. The tear down and removal procedures are much needed as cars change and I can hardly keep up with them. Wiring diagrams are also nicer and more complete. Keep up the good work!

Keith Noel, Noel Automotive
West Branch, Iowa

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Direct-Hit® DIY

Direct-Hit ® DIY is specifically designed for personal vehicle owners or hobbyists. It gives you access to professional repair information for 1 vehicle. Specify your make and model and buy now.