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Increase Average Repair Amounts: Offer Digital Vehicle Inspections With Every Repair

Pointing out issues to customers is always the right thing to do. Performing inspections ensures the safety, reliability, and longevity of your customers’ vehicles. By identifying and addressing issues early, you can help prevent accidents, breakdowns, and costly repairs, saving your customers time and money in the long run. This proven customer service model can also have several business benefits for automotive repair shops!

Pointing out issues to customers before they become dangerous problems promotes safety, compliance to standards while also building trust and credibility, creating upselling opportunities, encourages repeat business and referrals, and promotes preventative maintenance service work, ultimately benefiting the shop’s bottom line.

Providing cheap auto inspections is a great way to attract new and returning customers!  Hundreds of thousands of searches take place every month online by people looking for auto and vehicle inspections. Supporting the demand for vehicle inspections is a way to create new customer relationships in your community, building your business brand, and keeping your bays full!

Traditional DVIs just move generic paper lists onto a screen while offering little flexibility or details organized as you need them. Identifix Shop Manager takes your processes to the next level by integrating the DVI checklist into the repair order.

Save your technicians’ time and increase your shop’s average repair order amount by recommending additional, needed services.

  • Customize inspection forms for different vehicles.
  • Check off condition and enter notes in seconds.
  • Easily attach any kind of media – photos, videos, PDFs, etc.

Share recommendations with customers along with adding personalized photos and videos of the inspections. Your DVIs can be included and accepted via email and text messages with every repair order.

Talk to an expert and get a live demonstration of how this could work in your shop!

Identifix has created a suite of product solutions that work together and are designed specifically to help auto repair shops grow and be more profitable. We cater to new shops just starting out, all the way to large franchises needing customized solutions. Talk to an automotive repair solutions expert today about how Identifix Shop Manager and other solutions can help your auto repair shop.

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Identifix is the leading provider of automotive repair shop solutions and services designed to improve shop profitability and repair outcomes.

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