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Troubleshooting Dodge Ram: Fixing Intermittent No Start Issue

Make: Dodge Ram | Model Example: 2012 Ram 1500 | Avg. Mileage: 123443 | Job Number: 503836

Repair Issue:

Fuel Pump – Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) and/or Wiring

Customer Concern:

Intermittent no start, extended crank. Once started vehicle runs fine. Already changed fuel pump.


1. If the fuel pressure remains in the normal range, try adding alternative fuel to see if it’s a fuel delivery issue.

2. If adding alternative fuel helps, monitor the fuel pump power supply from the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) to the fuel pump.

3. If no power is present during cranking and the wiring harness checks out good, the TIPM is bad. Chrysler now sells a kit to relocate the fuel pump relay out of the TIPM, part number 68142156AA.

Tech Tip:

The TIPM no longer needs to be replaced. Chrysler sells a kit to install an external relay for the fuel pump. Part number 68142156AA.

Important Take-A-Way:

This archive is a big help to a shop and vehicle owner in 3 ways. First it’s providing a quick test to confirm if a lack of fuel delivery is the issue. Second to diagnose that the lack of fuel is due to a voltage supply problem. Third, and possibly most importantly for the vehicle owner is the information that the control module (that is called the Totally Integrated Power Module) does not have to be replaced, and that FCA offers a kit to replace just the fuel pump relay portion.

Most Popular Fix:

Installed/Replaced/Repaired Fuel Pump Relay Kit or Repaired/Replaced/Programmed Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM)

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Also Applies to the Following Makes and Models:

2011 Town & Country 3.6, 2012 Town & Country 3.6, 2008 Town & Country 4.0, 2009 Town & Country 4.0, 2010 Town & Country 4.0, 2011 Durango 3.6, 2010 Grand Caravan 3.3, 2011 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2012 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2013 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2014 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2015 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2016 Grand Caravan 3.6, 2008 Grand Caravan 4.0, 2009 Grand Caravan 4.0, 2010 Grand Caravan 4.0, 2011 Grand Cherokee 3.6, 2011 1500 4.7, 2012 1500 4.7, 2011 Routan 3.6, 2012 Routan 3.6

Author: Arlen Mauland

Arlen began working on cars when he was 14 years old. He attended Willmar Area Vocation Technical Institute, and began his dealership experience while in school. He has worked in Ford, GM and Chrysler dealerships where he gained both heavy line and diagnostic experience. After turning 30 while still working full time, he attended college at Southwest State in Marshall, MN and then MSU Mankato and studied mechanical engineering. Arlen began working at Identifix in 1997. He is an ASE certified master technician and L1 certified. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and riding motorcycle. He is married and he and his wife have two grown children.

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