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Reasons to fix your own car

Fixing your own vehicle can be a daunting task.  For many of us, when our vehicle breaks down, we look to a trusted shop or family connection to guide us through the next steps to getting back on the road.  For those with the tools, brave and savvy enough, there are several reasons why someone would want to fix their own car:

  1. Cost-saving: Car repairs can be expensive, especially when factoring in labor costs at a professional repair shop. By fixing their own car, individuals can save money on labor fees and potentially purchase parts at a lower cost.  Buy Identifix Direct-Hit® DIY auto repair information for only $19.99/mo.
  2. Independence and self-sufficiency: Being able to fix one’s own car provides a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. It allows individuals to take control of their own vehicle maintenance and repair needs without relying on external help.
  3. Learning and skill development: Repairing a vehicle offers an opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Many people are interested in understanding how their vehicles work and gain knowledge about automotive systems. Fixing their own car allows individuals to familiarize themselves with the different components, diagnose problems, and acquire hands-on experience.  Thinking of becoming an auto mechanic?  Start with learning online from over 350+ 8-10 video Basic to Advanced auto repair courses across a wide range of topics.  Autodata Training is your first step!
  4. Convenience and flexibility: Fixing their own car provides convenience and flexibility in terms of timing and availability. Rather than scheduling an appointment at a repair shop and potentially being without a vehicle for some time, individuals can work on their own schedule and address the issues as they arise.
  5. Satisfaction and sense of accomplishment: Successfully fixing a car problem can be highly rewarding. It provides a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and pride in being able to solve a mechanical issue and get the vehicle back on the road. This can be particularly fulfilling for individuals who enjoy hands-on work and problem-solving.
  6. Personal interest and hobby: Some individuals have a genuine interest in cars and enjoy working on them as a hobby. They derive pleasure from the process of fixing, modifying, and maintaining their own vehicles. For them, fixing their own car is a way to engage in a passionate hobby and spend time doing something they enjoy.

WARNING: It’s important to note that while do-it-yourself (DIY) auto repairs can be a viable option for certain maintenance tasks and minor repairs, complex or safety-critical issues are best left to professionals. It’s essential to have a good understanding of one’s own skill level and limitations to ensure that repairs are done safely and effectively. Complex repairs or those involving safety-critical systems should be entrusted to qualified professionals!

Looking to try it on your own?  Learn more.  Here are some common things people need or use to fix their own cars.

We’re here to help you find the right fix.  Find your specific vehicle’s auto repair information, OEM manuals, labor guides, wiring diagrams, and maintenance schedules in Identifix Direct-Hit® DIY.

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