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Automotive Technical Training for Auto Repair Technicians

Video-based training, online, anywhere, anytime.

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An Autodata Training subscription gives you…

  • Access to our interactive training portal
  • Over 350 video training modules
  • Professional certificates of completion
  • A digital record of training achievements

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In this complementary training video, you’ll be introduced to the operating principles of
Mild Hybrid powertrains and understand how manufacturers use the 48-Volt system to deliver considerable efficiency benefits.

You will learn about:

  • Why manufacturers use 48 volt mild hybrid systems
  • The Integrated Starter Generator or ISG
  • The 48-Volt battery, inverter and DC-DC generator
  • Important diagnostics procedures and best practicies.

Features & Benefits

350+ Training Modules

Covers a comprehensive range of subjects

New Modules
Regularly added to keep your training up to date
Online Training Portal

Train anywhere, anytime, on any internet connected device

Professional Certificates

Recognition of your training achievements

Trusted Worldwide

Used by thousands of technicians in over 68 countries

Affordable Subscription

All your training needs met with one affordable subscription