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Your Best Source of OEM Repair Information

Direct-Hit® Pro provides your shop and technicians with OEM Service Manuals, R&R procedures, TSBs, DTCs, and wiring diagrams all in one place. 


Looking for Instant Access?

Get The Mechanic Guides, Times, and Repair Information You Need

Extensive OE Vehicle Coverage

Identifix Direct-Hit® is a leading provider of OE service manuals and auto wiring diagrams for U.S vehicles on the road. Be ready for any vehicle and know you’ll finish the job with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Service Manuals for Vintage Vehicles

For vintage autos, Direct-Hit® has Chilton service and repair data going back to 1960. Whether you are servicing new or old vehicles, Direct-Hit® has you covered.

All the Service & Repair Information You’ll Need

All OE service manuals in Direct-Hit® are presented with all of their original info including repair/replace procedures, wiring, TSBs, DTCs and more.

Get more comprehensive OE information with Direct-Hit® Professional!

Unlimited Vehicles Searches


Great for most Auto Repair Shops

Single Vehicle Search


Perfect for At Home (DIY) Mechanics


I can no longer do my job without Direct-Hit®. I use it before I even look at the car. When a customer comes in with a symptom I go straight to the site and look for pattern failures and confirmed fixes. This allows me to begin eliminating possibilities a lot faster and often fix cars in a few minutes instead of a few hours. I cannot understand how any shop can work without it.

Tom Bowles, Tom’s Repair Service
Lottsburg, Virginia

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Direct-Hit® DIY

Direct-Hit ® DIY is specifically designed for personal vehicle owners or hobbyists. It gives you access to professional repair information for 1 vehicle. Specify your make and model and buy now.