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Common Toyota Issue: Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cold

Make: Toyota | Model Example: 2016 Camry | Avg. Mileage: 79706 | Job Number: 563182

Repair Issue:

Air conditioning Not Blowing Cold


Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressor

Customer Concern:

The air conditioning is not blowing cold. The A/C amplifier is not energizing the compressor solenoid and there is a code B1479 for the A/C refrigerant flow sensor. It will blow cold if you apply power and ground to the compressor solenoid.


  1. Test the voltage at the flow sensor. There should be 5 volts on the Light Blue wire a ground on the Purple wire and the Light Green wire is the signal.
  2. With KOEO, the flow sensor should read 3.8-4.2 volts. When the engine is running and you energize the compressor control solenoid it will read about 1.0 volt.
  3. The A/C flow sensor changes, depending on the amount of refrigerant flow. As the amount of refrigerant flow increases, the voltage becomes lower. As the amount of refrigerant flow decreases, the voltage becomes higher.
  4. If the sensor voltage remains unchanged with changes in the flow of refrigerant, the sensor may be faulty.

Tech Tip

This model has a variable displacement clutch-less compressor, the compressor turns all the time when the engine is running. The flow sensor is not sold separately at this time and comes as part of the A/C compressor. It is a typical failure to have the flow sensor fails, if the Climate Control Unit sees a voltage below about 3.8v it assumes the compressor is already pumping refrigerant, this is a logic failure and it will not use the A/C.

Important Take-A-Way:

This archive provides a very quick diagnostic test to help confirm an expensive part failure, the A/C compressor/Flow Sensor. Per the archive, if power and ground are applied to the compressor and it runs, many technicians would not look to replace the compressor/flow sensor assembly.

Most Popular Fix:

Replaced Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressor or Replaced Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressor Flow Sensor

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Also applies to the following Makes and Models:

2017 ES350 3.5, 2011 tC 2.5, 2012 tC 2.5, 2013 tC 2.5, 2016 Avalon 3.5, 2012 Camry 2.5, 2013 Camry 2.5, 2014 Camry 2.5, 2015 Camry 2.5, 2016 Camry 2.5, 2012 RAV4 2.5

Author: Joe Masterman

Joe has always been interested in figuring out what makes things work, he loved taking things apart and putting them back together again. This translated nicely into working on cars, so he decided to go to school at Hennepin Technical College in the Automotive program. Joe worked in the aftermarket for 5 years, then worked at a Honda dealer for 5 years as a journeyman technician. He is a Master Certified Honda Technician, ASE Master Certified, as well as having ASE L1 certification. He also has SAE accredited certification in Advanced HEV Diagnostics. Joe came to Identifix through someone at his work that he thought was “another technician looking for help”, but little did he know he was actually hunting for an Identifix Hotline Tech! When he’s not at Identifix, he keeps busy taking care of his lovely family.

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