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2024 Auto Repair Shop Must Haves

Successful auto repair shops focus on various aspects to stay competitive and meet the evolving customer needs. Here are five must haves for 2024 every auto repair and body shop should focus on:

  1. Access To Advanced Diagnostic Information
    Give your team access to a database of diagnostic information and the most advanced equipment to accurately identify and resolve vehicle issues quickly. Advanced diagnostics not only improve the quality of service but also enhance customer satisfaction by reducing repair times and costs. Identifix Direct-Hit® repair information contains over 50 years of OEM makes and models, advanced wiring diagrams, maintenance schedules, shortcut procedures, and over 3 million confirmed fixes.  With advanced keyword searches, Identifix makes it easy to find the right fix fast.
  2. Embrace Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Repairs
    Invest in the necessary electric and hybrid vehicles training, equipment, and expertise to service these vehicles. This includes knowledge of electric drivetrains, battery systems, and specialized diagnostic tools. Offering repairs and maintenance for electric and hybrid vehicles will expand your customer base and future-proof your business. Identifix Direct-Hit® Pro Academy offers users access to over 370 professionally made training modules that includes courses in: electrical, chassis, driver assist, drive train, diagnostics, service / maintenance, engine, HVAC, Hybrid / EV and more!
  3. Invest In Digital Marketing and Online Booking
    Invest in a user-friendly website and a strong digital marketing presence. Make it easy for customers to find your services, read reviews, and book appointments online. Additionally, consider offering digital vehicle inspection reports and online estimates to streamline the customer experience and improve transparency. Identifix Shop Manager has advanced features that make it easy for shops to communicate online with customers.  Keep your bays full.  Identifix Direct-Target digital marketing services help shops reach customers when they need you the most.
  4. Improve Customer Interactions and Communications
    Purchasing shop management software that can grow with your business, manage customer data, and improve transparency with customers is a great way to improve your business. Prioritize clear and timely communication with customers, explaining repair processes and costs thoroughly. Offering warranties on parts and labor can also build trust and loyalty among your customers. Identifix Shop Manager makes it easy to create detailed repair orders that provide line by line parts and labor. Look to improve your payment processing. Make it easier and safer for your customers to pay while your business profits more from every transaction.  Peri merchant services is PCI-compliant payment processing is designed for automotive businesses to make more money when customers pay with credit cards.
  5. Prioritize Environmental and Sustainability
    Consider eco-friendly practices in your auto repair shop. Implement environmentally responsible disposal methods for hazardous materials, promote the recycling of parts and fluids, and explore energy-efficient lighting and heating solutions. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can attract environmentally conscious customers and enhance your brand image.  Look to offer recycled parts as buying options where possible and highlight them when used. 

Adapting to changes in the automotive industry and meeting customer demands for newer vehicle technologies and sustainability practices will help you stay competitive and profitable. Talk to an Identifix automotive solutions expert about how we can help with the must haves for your shop in 2024.

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