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September 1, 2020


Every week, we review new fixes submitted by our Direct-Hit users and pick our favorite “Fix of The Week.” These are confirmed, experience-based fixes directly from technicians and shops. You can find this and more than 3.5 million other confirmed fixes in Direct-Hit with a 14-day free trial. This week, our favorite fix is for a 2011 Toyota RAV 4 with an illuminating oil light when the vehicle is in reverse or low gear.

The Vehicle:

2011 Toyota RAV 4

The Problem:

The oil light dimly illuminates while vehicle is in park/neutral/drive/third or second gear and is bright when in reverse or low gear. No DTC’s.

The Diagnosis:

I noticed the gear selection did not show the vehicle was in reverse or low gear. No codes appeared, and the transmission data did not recognize the vehicle in reverse or low gear; however, every other gear was recognized. The battery light flickered when shifted from reverse to park. Both lights went out completely when the shifter was positioned between park and reverse. After testing the integrity of the range switch, I found there was no power coming to the range switch from fuse 18 in the driver-side fuse box.

The Solution:

#18 “gauge 1” fuse blown in driver’s side fuse box


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