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October 21, 2020


Direct-Hit’s Quick Diagnostics Get Your Customers On the Road Fast

When a handicap-converted vehicle comes in, you know the importance of quickly and accurately diagnosing and repairing the vehicle so your customers are back on the road as soon as possible.

With Direct-Hit from Identifix, you get accurate diagnostic answers FAST. With a database of more than 3.5 million technician-submitted, confirmed fixes available at your fingertips, you can quickly access the 100-percent accurate information you need to help repair vehicles for your disabled customers.

Every fix in Direct-Hit is connected to OEM service manuals, full-color wiring diagrams, labor guides, and everything else you’ll need to complete any repair. Our repair information is directly from MOTOR and Chilton and covers more than 50 years of vehicles. Get expert-based fixes from Direct-Hit and cut your diagnostic time in half.

Plus, as this particular market has unique needs, disabled customers aren’t always able to rent a vehicle designed specifically for their needs while their van/truck/car is in your shop. A quick repair turn is imperative. It also helps open up the bay for your next job.

With Direct-Hit by Identifix, you’ll be able to more quickly diagnose any issues, make the repairs and get the vehicle back on the road. Direct-Hit gives you immediate diagnostic help from thousands of trusted experts!

Direct-Hit by Identifix will help you:

  • Get faster access to our vehicle repair database
  • Decrease time needed to diagnose mechanical repairs for handicap-modified vehicles
  • Increase revenue and net profit by lowering fixed repair and labor costs
  • Positively impact cash flow starting day one

Built by technicians, Direct-Hit provides a database of real-world fixes that help techs instantly get right to the correct fix for a vehicle. Nothing gets you to the fix faster than being able to search more than 3,500,000 confirmed automotive repairs, and short-cut test procedures used and verified by thousands of technicians and shops.

We’ve helped the largest shop in the mobility-services industry, and we can help you too!