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September 15, 2020


Find the Fix You Need Faster

As vehicles become more complex, shops need more and better information to repair them. And these days, it’s not just about fixing a vehicle properly, the speed of repair plays a key role in keeping your customers happy and ensuring you can cycle enough vehicles to be profitiable.

At Identifix, we are commited to help shops meet the ever-growing challenge of staying busy and profitable. To that end, we’ve recently introduced a new feature in Direct-Hit, an alphabetized Table of Contents to help you more quickly find information you need to complete a repair. Direct-Hit is the only repair solution that offers its information in both the the existing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Table of Contents AND a standardized Table of Contents (TOC).

Our standardized TOC lists details alphabetically to help speed up your research for repair information so you can begin focusing on resolving damages rather than spending hours trying to find guess at the best repair options. No matter what vehicle you’re working on, Direct-Hit’s Table of Contents can help you pinpoint repair steps faster.

When it comes to repair information, Direct-Hit offers:

  • An alphabetical Table of Contents that makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for more quickly, so you reduce your research time.
  • 100-percent access to all information available for vehicles: service/repair data, wiring information, specifications, parts/labor, and maintenance details.
  • 3,500,000 technician-submitted, tested, and confirmed fixes.

Eager to try the new Table of Contents? Existing customers can access the new TOC right now!


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