One Step Ahead

Our goal isn’t just to help our customers with the challenges they face today, but to use our knowledge and insights to help shop owners and their staff stay one step ahead of the game. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry and our customers’ needs, we can develop the technology necessary for shops to meet the immediate demands of vehicle service, while maintaining superior customer care for long-term loyalty.

Proof Positive


Working on today’s complex vehicle systems is less about being a mechanic and more about being a technician. Hear how our tools provide the information and the confidence to help our customers fix it right the first time, in less time.

“Identifix has been a great time saver for my techs and has allowed us to repair vehicles that we would have otherwise turned away. The new OEM information is easy to find and now makes it possible for us to complete even more repairs. I recommend this tool to any shop owner.”

Glenn Mitchell, Sav-Mor Auto Clinic
Orem, Utah

“Identifix is my main source of information and I use it every day. I appreciate how fast I can find all the information pertaining to the fixes posted by the other shops. We really save a lot of time.”

Daniel Luneau, Landry Station Service inc.
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

“We go to Direct-Hit first, exclusively! It's amazing how many cars we fix like that. We also work on a ton of high-end cars like Lexus and Mercedes and it's great for everything. I wouldn't work without this service.”

Ace Cannon, Cannon Automotive Services
Gulf Breeze, Florida

“We go to Direct-Hit for all troubleshooting, and we call the Repair Hotline too. We have other resource tools as well as ASE Master techs, but Direct-Hit is probably the most effective tool I have in my shop.”

Jimmy Howeth, Auto Tech
Texarkana, Texas