2012 Honda Pilot No Crank No Start – FOW 06-23-20

The Fix of the Week


Every week, we review new fixes submitted by our Direct-Hit users and pick our favorite “Fix of The Week.” These are confirmed, experience-based fixes directly from technicians and shops. You can find this and over 3.5 million other confirmed fixes in Direct-Hit with a 14-day free trial. This week, our favorite fix is for a no crank no start 2012 Honda Pilot EX.


The Vehicle:

2012 Honda Pilot EX 3.5 V6

Additional Vehicles:

2011 Honda Pilot, 2013 Honda Pilot

The Problem:

The vehicle came in as a no crank, no start scenario.

The Diagnosis:

After verifying the battery was fully charged and passed a load test, the next step was accessing the starter, where no signal/voltage to the starter motor solenoid was found. When the engine is cranked, there is power at the STS Fuse to indicate the ignition switch is working. The wires were traced to both starter cut relays, and starter cut relay 1 is mounted on the under-dash fuse box. Starter cut relay 1 closed in Park and neutral and powered Fuse 23 which tested good. The other relay, starter cut relay 2, is hard to see and needs the fuse box removed in order to access it because it is on a double relay holder mounted to the firewall. That relay was not closing when power and ground were applied to the relay coil, which indicated it was faulty.

The Solution:

Replacing the starter cut relay 2.