Fix Of The Week – May 19th 2020

The Fix of the Week

The Fix of the Week: 

Every week, we review new fixes submitted by our Direct-Hit users and pick our favorite “Fix of The Week.” These are confirmed, experience-based fixes directly from technicians and shops. You can find this and over 3.5 million other confirmed fixes in Direct-Hit with a 14-day free trial. This week, our favorite fix is for a 2017 Chevrolet Sonic with a check engine light but no drivability concerns.


The Vehicle:

2017 Chevrolet Sonic LS 1.8 Liter 4 Cylinder

The Problem:

The check engine light is on and there are no drivability concerns.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’S):

P0498 Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Vent Solenoid Valve Control

Other Applicable Vehicles:


The Diagnosis:

With the circuit failure code, I first removed the vent solenoid and bench tested it with a power and ground to verify proper operation. While testing the wiring, I found that the power feed wire on the fuel tank harness passed a standard resistance test, but it failed a loaded test. After further investigation, I found that at the bend near the body the insulation on multiple wires was chaffed and the power feed had a pinhole in the chafe and was corroded.

The Solution:

I repaired the wire with a wire crimp and heat shrink to prevent future failure. I also re-wrapped the fuel tank jumper harness to help prevent water intrusion.

Bonus Tips

The Vent solenoid is a normally open solenoid so the P0442 code was a leak caused by the inability to properly close the system during a leak test before the P0498 code set.