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When you need to find a location, diagnostic, test procedure, TSB, wiring diagrams, or anything else you may need, you can be sure that one thing you will definitely find is that every OEM likes to have their own unique naming conventions.

Thankfully the power of Super Charged Search in Direct-Hit slices right through that issue and helps you find what you need no matter which term you use and even lets you use common words to locate technical information.


An Example of Super Charged Search in Action


Let’s say you’re working on a Kia and need info about the coolant pump. Kia, unfortunately,  does not use the word “coolant pump” in their service manuals, but that’s ok cause you have Direct-Hit.

Just type in “coolant pump” in the search window and Super-Charged Search gets to work finding related keywords to get what you need. While you typed just “coolant pump” Direct-Hit also searched for “Water Pump”, “Waterpump”, “Water Pump Location”, “Electric Water Pump”, “Auxiliary Coolant Pump”, “Water Pumps”, “Auxiliary Water Pump” and a number of other similar terms.


More Examples? Sure…


This time let’s say you are looking at a GM vehicle and they use both “coolant pump” and “water pump” interchangeably, so we’ll show you both.

GM Coolant Naming Search

Another example is a sensor commonly called an O2 Sensor. When we look at VW they call it an HO2S sensor but Super Charged Search still found it when you searched “O2 Sensor” and got you to the right component.

O2 Sensor Search

Using just a few keywords Super Charged Search can make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for.


What About Error Codes?


Super Charged Search also works for Error Codes. In fact, you can search up to 8 error codes at a time and all you need to do is put a comma or space between each code

It will also search for common codes associated with codes that you search. In the above example, Direct-Hit also searched for “16804”, “P0420a”, “P0420b”, “Code P0420”, “01056”, “DTC 16804”, “Code 16804” and similar terms.


Repair More Vehicles Faster


When it comes to finding what you need quickly – specs, codes, test procedures, TSBs, wiring diagrams, or anything else, Super Charged Search is your answer. It does all the hard searching for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, getting that vehicle repaired.


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