Fix Of The Week 6/21/19

Fix of the week



Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

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This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The WeekNissan running rough, another with a shorted battery, and a Honda with ABS troubles.


2012 Nissan Xterra – Bayron Motor Sports

This vehicle came in running rough. We plugged in the diagnostic tool and got two fault codes, P0300: multi-cylinder misfire and P00328: knock sensor. We followed test procedures and found the distributor was faulty. We kept checking the knock sensor and tested the wire connections at the ECM and didn’t get anything there. For the P0300 code, we checked compression, fuel pressure, and for air leaks. What we found was the spark plugs were fouled. We continued with the knock sensor and found it was broken somehow—there apparently was a rodent in the past that ate the spark plugs wires and must have chewed on the knock sensor also. 

We replaced the plugs, wires, and knock sensor but still had the P0300 code, so we also replaced the distributor set timing. The vehicle ran fine after, idle was set to 750 +/- 50 RPM and to spec at 10 BTDC.


2001 Nissan Leaf – Arleco Garage

This vehicle came to the shop with no charge and wasn’t running at all. We found code P0AA6 in EV-HEV system and followed the Nissan diagnostic steps. Working with insulated gloves, we removed the service plug on the HV battery. We found 90V DC between the + side of the battery terminal and the casing. We removed the HV battery with caution, opened the cover, unplugged the BMS and still 90V between the service plug terminal and the casing.   

We removed the busbars and found the reading changed when the right-side modules stack was unplugged. We found module #37 on the top was shorted on the + side to its own casing. There are 48 modules of +/-8V in the Li-ion battery. We replaced the module, erased the codes and the car ran and charged fine. The dealer said the Li-ion battery had to be replaced. We repaired for 1/8 of the price.


2003 Honda Accord – Atherton Automotive

The customer had installed a new right front drive axle and WSS trying to solve ABS light and unwarranted ABS activation. Code 21 was being set—when driving the ABS would activate upon braking. We found the magnetic ring severely contaminated with rust and debris, so we loosened the axle and made room so the ring could be inspected and cleaned. After cleaning, we found a gouge in the ring, but the customer denied the bearing replacement. We reassembled and the unwarranted ABS activation was no longer present.


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