The Fix of The Week 6/7/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

For a chance to have something you’ve worked on appear as a Fix of the Week, and win a cool little prize for your shop, all you have to do is post your unique fixes in Direct-Hit. Just look up the vehicle you’re working on, click on Post Fix at the top right, then tell us the problem and what you did to fix it.


This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: Buick with no spark, an underpowered Nissan, and another Nissan that is just a little too noisy.


1991 Buick LeSabre – Jake’s Garage

This vehicle wouldn’t start but had spark; no injector pulse either. We back probed the Purple/White Wire at the Ignition Control Module but didn’t get a pulse. We replaced the Ignition Coil Module and Ignition Coils. That gave a pulse signal out of the module and at the PCM but the vehicle still wouldn’t start. We found low power (3.0V) on the Orange power wires at the PCM and good grounds. 
We repaired the corroded power wire before the fused link to the PCM powers under the cowl in the engine compartment. The SES light wouldn’t illuminate until we repaired the powers to PCM.


2012 Nissan Juke – Vincent Garage Inc.

The customer stated the vehicle was low on power and the check engine light was on. The engine speed would not increase past 2200 rpm and vehicle speed was limited to around 10 mph. 
We scanned for codes and retrieved codes P0101 and P2263. We observed scan data and found no obvious faults with MAF sensor readings. We checked the turbo inlet for damage but found none. Next, we checked all connections on the pressure side hoses of turbo and found a coupler from the plastic tube into the throttle body had come undone.  
We reinstalled the coupler and hose clamp, cleared codes and test drove the vehicle. No faults returned and the vehicle accelerated normally.


2015 Nissan Versa Note – AAA Club Alliance #118

Customer’s complaint was a noise on the left side of the vehicle near the front during a right turn while accelerating. We confirmed the issue but were unable to fault any bad components; wheel bearing, axle, control arm, etc. were all fine. Direct-Hit has a TSB to loosen the axel nut, push in the axel, lube behind the axel face to mating bearing and retorque bearing to 133 ft lbs. This resolved our issue.


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