Fix of The Week 5/17/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

For a chance to have something you’ve worked on appear as a Fix of the Week, and win a cool little prize for your shop, all you have to do is post your unique fixes in Direct-Hit. Just look up the vehicle you’re working on, click on Post Fix at the top right, then tell us the problem and what you did to fix it.


This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: zero A/C in a Buick, missing-in-action fuses in a Honda, and a malfunctioning cluster in a Chevy.


2014 Buick Verano – Atherton Automotive

At 40,000 miles this Buick’s A/C stopped working. We started the vehicle and turned the A/C to the max and found good cold air blowing from the vents. The compressor was running and the cooling fan was on low speed. The outside temperature was already 55. We inspected the system for leaks and watched the head pressures—no issues there. We found the system was overcharged by only .1lbs. 

Later in the day, the ambient temperature rose to above 70, so we took it for a test drive. The A/C didn’t work at all. We opened the hood to find the compressor not running and, using the scanner, found the A/C relay was commanded on and the system was enabled to run. We then checked for the voltage drop across the compressor and found 14V. Then we tested the clutch magnet resistance and found it OL. We replaced the A/C compressor and issue was resolved.


2004 Honda Accord – Denny Smith Enterprises

This vehicle had no functioning brake lights and wouldn’t shift out of park. We checked for power at the brake light switch, but that didn’t lead us to the issue. Next was to check the fuses, and when investigating we actually found the break and horn fuses missing. We replaced each and all is working.


2007 Chevy Impala – Certified Auto Repair

The instrument cluster on this vehicle read -40F. We checked the ambient temperature in the PCM and HVAC module. The PCM read the correct temperature so we replaced the pigtail on the ambient sensor because it was corroded. Once replaced, the HVAC also ready correctly, but the cluster still read -40F. All the needed to be done was to push the A/C button and recirculate the button at the same time—the cluster instantly read the correct temperature.


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