Meet Terry Clennon


Terry Clennon is a Ford Senior Master Technician and ASE Master and L1 Certified. He also worked with Ford on their Quality One and Tech Review Boards and on their 6.0l Power Stroke quality improvement program. 


Terry’s Experience

Terry started out in the automotive field after attending Pine Technical College in Pine City, MN. While in school he went to work at Arlen Krantz Ford as a detailer/light duty mechanic for 2 ½ years. After graduation in 1997, Terry started working at Tousley Ford, one of the largest Ford dealers in Minnesota. After 11 years at the Tousley, Terry was recruited and made the decision to join Identifix in May of 2008.  


Joining Identifix

At Identifix, Terry wears quite a few hats. He takes calls for the Virtual Tech Ford team to help customers diagnose especially difficult problems. He also trains other Ford specialists on our team and performs quality assurance to make sure his teams calls meet our high standard for customer service. On top of that, Terry does product support as well. So, whether you need help on a Ford or help with Direct-Hit, Terry’s your guy. 


When He’s Not Working

True to his nature, Terry is just as busy at home as he is here! He enjoys working on his family farm and is an active member of his local church. He even helps repair fellow members vehicles. He says it helps him keep his skill set sharp and develop new training material for his team.    


Have an issue with a Ford that you just can’t seem to crack? Terry and Virtual Tech Ford team are ready to help and they’re just a phone call away.