Fix of The Week 5/10/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

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This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: a mystery noise from a Chevystubborn temperature gauge in a Kia, and a vibrating Saturn.


2015 Chevy Cruze– Extra-Tech Automotive Ltd.

This vehicle had a loud dronelike sound, almost like it had no air filter assembly. The customer heard it around 2000 RPMs, but we couldn’t replicate it in the shop. On the road tests, the sound was very noticeable—it was most pronounced on the highway at the lowest RPM before a shift.  

We checked the air filter assembly and the fuel lines at the firewall. We noticed the fuel line was rubbing against the neighboring A/C line, causing unwanted harmonics throughout the engine bay. We readjusted the lines and the noise went away.


2001 Kia Optima – Grease Donkey

This vehicle’s temperature gauge would climb only with the A/C on and would drop back down when the customer turned the A/C off slowly both ways. Meanwhile, the scan data showed a normal temperature reading the whole time.  

We ran a jumper cable from the engine ground to the body ground and observed the gauge. If the gauge slowly creeps back to a normal reading, then the fault is at the ground strap, located on the left fender near the battery tray and air cleaner—a black wire. We repaired the ground from the engine block to chassis and fixed the issue. 


2007 Saturn Sky – Tamrox Automotive

This Saturn was emitting a vibration at low RPMs from the engine while idling and driving. We verified it was indeed coming from the engine and checked the crank dampener for cracks or damage. We removed the front cover and counted the chain links between the balance shafts and the crankshaft. It should be 15 between the balance shaft arrows when in the timing position and 17 between the crankshaft and intake balance shaft. We found the balance shafts out of time due to a loose chain. We replaced both timing chains, guides, gears, and tensioners. 


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