Direct-Hit Power User Monthly – April 2019

Bookmark For Saving Documents & Diagrams.

Bookmarks are the best way to save your progress in Direct-Hit. If you need to step away from a job you can use bookmarks to return instantly to all the documents and diagrams you were using earlier.


Bookmarking is a Huge Time-Saver in Direct-Hit

The Bookmark feature lets you save as many documents as you want or need.

  • Hotline Archives – You can bookmark them
  • Wiring Diagrams – You can bookmark them
  • Remove and Replace Procedures – You know they’re bookmarkable
  • Anything else in Direct-Hit… You guessed it


Using Bookmarks

On every page, you will find a menu in the right-hand corner with a button named “Bookmark.” This button will save the page/document you are currently viewing.

To find your bookmarksnavigate to the home screen (click Home in the upper left corner). 

On the main screen in the upper right-hand corner of the top navigation menu, you’ll find an option named “Bookmarks.” Clicking this will take you to all of the pages you have saved for the vehicle you are working on.

Quick reminder: You need to have the same vehicle open in Direct-Hit to find the bookmarks you saved for it.

You can tell which vehicles have bookmarks by looking for the bookmark symbol next to the vehicle name. 


It’s that Simple

Now you can step away and be able to come right back to where you left off. 
You can also find this information in the Training Toolbox found in the lower right-hand corner of Direct-Hit. 


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