Meet Brian Franta



Mercedes Benz Master Certified Technician, ASE Master, ASE L1 Certified Technician.


Brian’s Experience

Brian Fanta has been managing the European carline team for the past 2 years but his automotive career began in 1994 at the Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis, MN. He enrolled in a 2-year program in automotive technology while working at Sears automotive at night. Though the schedule was tough, the combination of formal training and hands-on experience helped him learn at a rapid rate.

Once he graduated, Brian went to work for a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership as a general line technician. After five years, he took an opportunity to move to a Mercedes Benz dealership. There he worked on all areas of the car from heavy line to diagnostics for the next 6 1/2 years.


Joining Identifix

Eventually, Brian became interested in doing more than hands-on repair and found himself with the opportunity to work as a diagnostician for Identifix. Brian joined the European section of the Virtual Tech team in 2008 and initially focused on Mercedes Benz, 10 years on, he’s added all European manufacturers to his wheelhouse. Finally, in 2017, Brian took over the management of the European team where he leads by examples, providing top notch service to every caller and adding high-quality fixes to the Direct-Hit archive.


When He’s Not Working

When Brian isn’t helping diagnose and repair every European vehicle under the sun, he likes to go snowmobiling, ice fishing, and hunting. Over the summer, months he enjoys camping with his wife and two daughters.