Fix of The Week 03/29/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

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This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: loss of low beams in a Subarua stalling Toyota, and an incomplete tone ring in a Buick.


2007 Subaru Outback – Meineke Car Care Center

This vehicle came into the shop with no tail lights, no high or low headlights, no dome, no rear wiper or defroster. After performing the wiring repair, it still had no headlights. All the headlight bulbs had power on both pins and occasionally the high beams would turn on with the parking lights and random flickers of the low beams, but there was still no consistent low beam activity. 
We found almost every wire in the hatch hinges had broken and a few had melted together. We also found multiple blown fuses under the dash. Due to the symptoms, it was easy to get a bead on the malfunction. There are 2 loom sections in the hatch: one on the right for all major components and the left side has some grounds and the washer fluid hose. There were broken wires in both sides. When this happens, you want to thoroughly check all fuses. We only found fuses blown in the left passenger compartment fuse box, so we repaired the wiring, replaced fuse 23 and 18 under the left side dash. Afterward, there were no relay issues found.  


2005 Toyota 4Runner – San Juan Shell Service

This vehicle would idle without any problems, but upon driving it would cut out and stall. Code present was p0335. We tested the CKP sensor found within the specs. A good test is to wave at the sensor until it stalls and then flatlines. We removed the wire harness from CKP sensor and opened the wire loom where we found damaged wires from previous timing belt job. The wire harness was routed incorrectly and pinched between the A/C compressor and the mount for the compressor. We cut out the bad wires and made the fix.


2012 Buick LaCrosse  Atherton Automotive

This vehicle displayed ABS, Traction Control, and Service Brake Assist messages – code C0035.  
While watching the left front wheel speed with the scan tool, we noticed the speed was dropping out. We lifted the vehicle and inspected the wiring harness but didn’t find any issues. We attempted to see the back side of the wheel bearing for any issue and there was too much dirt build up, so we installed lab scope and measured the voltage drop across the sensor. While in drive, there was a repeated consistent missing of tone wheel square wave. We removed the wheel bearing and found the tone ring was missing a piece. We replaced the wheel bearing assembly and the vehicle now runs fine.


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