Fix of The Week 03/07/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

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This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: a Nissan not so Maxima, a Saturn with low batteries, and a surging Odyssey


2016 Nissan Maxima – Christian Brothers Automotive

This vehicle came in with 40,000 miles and a P0101 MAF performance code. The car flat out would not go over 40 mph and at high RPMs would start pinging. But if you were light on the gas pedal the car was drivable. The vehicle had been at another shop, and they replaced the MAF sensor, both A/F sensors, and PCM. 
We monitored the MAF data and found at wide open throttle, the MAF sensor never read more than 60 GPS and the fuel trims were all over the place. We checked for vacuum leaks and found none, so we pulled the front O2 sensor out and found the vehicle instantly had more power. We disconnected the exhaust post catalytic converter, and the car ran great. Then we disconnected the Y-pipe/post catalytic converter from the muffler side of the exhaust and reconnected catalytic converter to the Y-pipe and the car lost all power. We replaced the Y-pipe/post catalytic converter assembly, and the car now runs great.


2008 Saturn Outlook – M&M Automotive Repair

This Saturn was towed in with dead battery and the customer stated that it would run for a moment and then die. It wouldn’t restart or jump afterward, either. We checked the battery and found it very warm and dead. We first thought it was a dead short of some kind, so we checked and found none. We tried the battery jump box which gave lots of sparks; we continued the search and traced the short to failed alternator. We replaced the alternator, charged and tested the battery and charging system to confirm proper operation.


2002 Honda Odyssey – JP Industrial Services 

This vehicle would surge lightly while at a stop in drive as if the torque converter was grabbing lightly. No codes were present and no mil illuminated. We used a scan tool to activate each trans solenoid and listen for clicking sound. No sound was heard on the torque converter lockup solenoid. When unplugging the harness to torque converter lockup solenoid, the coil fell off the top of the solenoid valve body. We had to spray, wiggle and work the valve body out of trans housing and install a new torque converter lockup solenoid. The test went well, all was good.


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