Fix of The Week – 01/4/19

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

For a chance to have something you’ve worked on appear as a Fix of the Week, and win a cool little prize for your shop, all you have to do is post your unique fixes in Direct-Hit. Just look up the vehicle you’re working on, click on Post Fix at the top right, then tell us the problem and what you did to fix it.


This Week’s Winners

Welcome back! It’s a brand new year and we have brand new stories and head-scratchers for another year of Fix of The Week. On the inaugural 2019 edition: a smelly Honda Fit, a buck Hyundai, and a Honda Civic that can’t stop won’t stop.


2013 Honda Fit – Import Minded Inc.

The customer came in with a complaint of smelling gas in the vehicle. We didn’t find any issues with the system, but a lot of forums suggested checking for loose spark plugs. We checked all 4 cylinders and found cylinder 2 with a fully carboned up coil and plug. The plug was loosened by hand. Three of four plugs were loose upon inspection. We replaced the spark plugs and gas smell was not present during the test drive.


2012 Hyundai Santa Fe – HIS Garage

The vehicle came into the shop bucking sharply—very bad at times. The customer had been out of state when the issue arose and had been driving for an extended amount of time. They sent in a picture of the speedometer at 70mph and tach at 0. The engine then completely cut off.  They took the vehicle to the dealer who confirmed no engine codes though abs codes were present. We had replaced both wheel bearings a couple months ago and the dealer thought the wheel bearing was causing the engine hiccup.
When it came into the shop we checked for codes—no pcm codes but abs codes present. We test drove 30 miles and the car bucked once; it felt like more than just 1 cylinder, like no spark then spark. The spark plug gaps looked good but the spark plugs had 100k on them, so we checked Direct-Hit and found another case where the poster had rear abs codes with bucking.
We replaced the crankshaft sensor based on Direct-Hit and replaced spark plugs as maintenance. Issue fixed!


2004 Honda Civic – US 12 Auto Repair

While driving down the road, this car’s engine kept accelerating. In neutral, the engine would rev until rev-limiter maxed. We found the rubber intake duct between airbox and throttle body deteriorated and a piece of rubber stuck between the throttle plate and housing. We removed debris and replaced rubber duct which fixed the issue.


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