Fix of The Week 11/21/2018

Fix of the week


Fix of The Week

Every week we’re posting our favorite head-scratchers and interesting mechanical issues submitted by our Direct-Hit customers.

For a chance to have something you’ve worked on appear as a Fix of the Week, and win a cool little prize for your shop, all you have to do is post your unique fixes in Direct-Hit. Just look up the vehicle you’re working on, click on Post Fix at the top right, then tell us the problem and what you did to fix it.

This Week’s Winners

On this edition of Fix of The Week: a stalled Pontiac, a bent valve in a Subaru and a broken wire in a Toyota.


2002 Pontiac Grand Prix – Carline Muffler Town

This vehicle would stall momentarily when turning right and under acceleration. It had good fuel pressure and didn’t display any codes. We performed a wiggle test at all harness and sensor areas and could not duplicate the problem. The passenger side engine mount was also completely shot, possibly flexing the engine harness and breaking the wires. We found the intake airboot was not on securely, so we refit boot and road tested. Fix was successful!


2008 Subaru Outback – Centreville Tire & Auto

Prior to service, the vehicle overheated. And as soon as the vehicle was started, coolant began blowing out of the radiator. We found that oil and coolant were mixing, so we replaced the head gasket, radiator and hoses, thermostat, only to find that the engine light was now on, code p0303. No success after replacing the spark plugs, wires and coil.

We performed a leak down test and discovered air coming out of throttle body. After pulling the heads of the suspected cylinder we found the intake valve on #3 was bent. There was a hard drag resistance when trying to slide the valves back and forth. We also shone flashlight on the intake manifold side ports and saw light shining through the valves and head mating surface.

We replaced cylinder head valves and seals and also performed a valve grind mating surface. After performing the valve job, no more light came through.


2016 Toyota Tundra – Redline Motorsport

This truck drove over a very rough washboard road and came to us with a P0102 code that wouldn’t clear. All fuses related to MAF were ok, so we checked power at blue/white wire at MAF which had no power. We traced the blue/white wire to J/C D71 between the air box and firewall. This wire receives power from one of the other sensors in parallel that all meet in this junction.

We confirmed good power at the source in J/C D71 and determined that the blue/white wire between J/C D71 and the MAF was broken. We peeled the harness loom apart from the MAF to J/C D71 and found the broken blue/white wire in the rubber portion of the loom right next to where it clips to the firewall. We repaired the wire and loomed/taped the harness back together. We cleared the code and test drove truck and the code didn’t return.


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