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Direct-Shop Updates 10/31/18

We’ve got some major new updates launching very soon for our shop management software, Direct-Shop. We are adding 5 new key reports for shop managers and owners to have far greater insight into their business.

1) Sales Summary

Sales Summary Report

Direct-Sop now provides a high-level Sales Summary report that is broken down into three sections:

  1. Sales
    Displays the Parts, Labor, Fees, Discounts, and Sales tax.
    For the Parts Sales, it includes a parts cost, profit, and profit margin.
  2. Payments Collected
    A count and amount for all sales and the payment(s) associated with the invoices.
  3. Statistics
    Invoice count, average sales with and without taxes.

Each of the three sections is accompanied by a bar graph and table providing the numbers associated with the specific section’s details.


2) Sales Detail

The new Sale Detail Report shows the dates and customers with detailed sales values broken down by invoice. Per each invoice, it will also break down the Parts, Labor, Fees, and Taxes and totals up each invoice in the report.


3) Job Parts Detail

This new report gives you a full breakdown of parts by invoice and shows a high-level summary of the invoice count, total Parts Sales, total Parts Cost, total Profit, and total Gross Profit Margin.


4) Adjustment Detail

In the new Adjustment Detail Report, Direct-Shop will now show all the negative balance invoices that were closed. You will be able to see this information by Date, Invoice number, Customer/Company, reference number and the invoice amount.


5) Sales by Tax Type

The final new report in Direct-Shop is the Sales by Tax Type Report. This breaks down all of the taxes that were collected by a shop based on its invoices. The report groups each tax type together and totals up the amount of taxes collected for each of these types.

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